Get Involved

Are you a UK doctor, nurse or allied health professional? Are you looking for an opportunity to get involved with global health? Get in touch!

The Role

Masanga UK is always interested to hear from anyone who would like to volunteer. Our volunteer doctor and nursing roles involve:

  • Supervision of medical staff in clinical duties on the Emergency Unit, Intensive Care Unit and Outpatient Department

  • Supporting medical staff in Infection Prevention & Control matters across the hospital

  • Delivering bedside, lecture and simulation based teaching to medical staff and students

What you Gain

Voluntary posts at Masanga are hugely beneficial in developing skills that can be used in your future career. These include:

  • Clinical skills - wide range of pathology with relatively limited investigation resources

  • Managerial skills - lead a fantastic team

  • Teaching skills - the Medical Training Programme is a national accredited, government supported programme

  • Communication and teamwork - work with a diverse group of people and professions

  • Service development skills - get involved with conducting audits, developing protocols and strengthening systems within the hospital

  • Academic skills - there are always opportunities to work with the Masanga Hospital Research Unit

Volunteer Requirements

Our requirements and recommendations for medical volunteer staff are:


  • Flexible and adaptable team members

  • Passionate about teaching and education

  • Experience in delivering simulation sessions

  • Ability to work and live in low resource environments

  • Be able to commit to at least 6 months in the role


  • 4 years of working experience post qualification

  • Diploma in Tropical Medicine

  • Preferably MRCP but not essential

  • Preferably completed rotations in Acute/Emergency Medicine, Infectious Disease and/or Intensive Care


  • 4 years of working experience post qualification

  • Diploma in Tropical Nursing

  • Preferably completed rotations in Acute/Emergency Medicine, Infectious Diseases, Infection Prevention & Control and/or Intensive Care


Masanga UK volunteers will be housed in the 'UK House'. The 3 bed house is a short walk away from the hospital compound, providing a peaceful retreat from a busy days work.


If you are interested to hear more about the roles of volunteers in Masanga UK, please do not hesitate to contact us. Fill in the Volunteer enquiry form and we will be in touch!